Heard at your sales meeting
THIS year:
"Yeah, we get lots of online visitors.
Our domain name? No need to write it down; you'll  remember it:
Perfect for our business, don't you think?
You got it: We sell fences!

Yep, we get lots of visitors since
helped us choose this domain name.

Yeah, you can still reach us through our old web address. We use both domain names, but lots more people remember our new name and they even tell other potential customers about us!"
Hello.  Visit us online:
Heard at your sales meeting
last year:
"Nice to meet you, too. Of course, we have an online presence! Our domain name? Sure, well, it's easier to read it.

See, it's on my name tag here.
You can write it down and enter it online.
Is it effective? Oh, yeah, sure. We expect to get some online visitors soon."
From a print ad for NomenClay.com: