Nomen Clay
Nomen Clay is a professional naming company with a specialization in names for the Internet - what most of us call domain names. We are the product of principals with long-term participation in the field (one with over fifteen years' experience) merging with younger staff who sharpen our focus on the present.

We encourage domain names that are memorable and refer in some way to the purpose or feel of your business.

Our website will be more complete very soon, but we expect to frequently make changes and additions to it.

In the meantime, to show you that we have not only experience and professionalism but also a sense of humor, please see a 2001 cartoon by John Kovalic * about the scarcity of good domain names and a print advertisement for our company.

We regularly add to our archives; check back.

*reprinted with the permission of Mr. Kovalic
We sculpt letters to design the right name
for what you do and care about.
  say:  "NO men clay"