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NomenClay is a professional naming company
with a specialization in names for the Internet -
what we call domain names.

Dr Susan D. Griffith (PhD not MD :) began designing domain names in 2000, first through her web name design and resale website. Dr. Griffith's with some of her periodic writings about the art and science of domain names can be viewed through the OneBigRoach link at the left.

Energetic and creative interaction with younger staff researchers and consultants keeps us wonderful today.
NomenClay? ((nōmənˌklā)

Think ‘clay’, as in modeling clay, that is used to compose art forms.

Think '‘nomenclature',
the devising or choosing of names for things,
especially in a science or other discipline.

We at NomenClay devise and choose names.
We devise and choose letter combinations that make
THE right name for what you do and care about.
We encourage domain names that are memorable and
refer in some special way to the purpose or feel of your business.
We are professional.
We also like funny stuff.

See this cartoon by John Kovalic
(reprinted with his permission)
about the scarcity of good domain
names - as relevant now
as it was in 2001.

And check out this
print advertisement for our company.

This website still lives, ten years later, as does Dr. Griffith LOL. And we find the purpose of her work then to be consistent with her work today. Check out her papers with recommendations about domain name usage. Find links to them in the boxes to the upper right on the second page of the One Big Roach website.

Before One Big Roach there was Grow Puppy. There is a lot for all domain name holders to see there.

Dr. Griffith's
Reasons to Have a Domain Name
from the later website is as important to read today as it was when written.

Google makes domain names unimportant? NO!
Read this. Then use your "back" button  to return to here.
This Is
What Is Up
With Us
January 18, 2018

We notice emerging trends and design and are often the first to register domain names that we expect
will be of value to businesses, research, and entertainment
years in the future.
For many
of those names,
the future is now.

Return to this page or
write us at
for a list of such
focused domain names
that are available
now for purchase
from us.